27 August, 2018


MICALE MILLING TOOLS C.A. is a Venezuelan Company, founded in September 2001 and whose main base is in the city of Anaco State Anzoátegui, Mexico Street, Las Charas sector. It is dedicated to the repair and manufacture of threads and drilling tools for the national oil industry. Rental of oil tools and manufacture of metalworking parts in general.

The Company has a group of professionals and technicians guided by a culture, based on the guidelines and quality requirements in the service, equipment and infrastructure necessary to meet the objectives set, and the determined support of top management for continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.  The Quality Management Department has as its fundamental objective, with the collaboration of the different Departments that interact within the company, to prepare, issue and improve the procedures of the Quality Management System, as well as to ensure that each of the procedures operational instructions are executed according to specific quality plans to ensure that the client's expectations are met.


"To be the largest and most consolidated company on a national and international level, becoming the main suppliers of high quality industrial tools".


"Satisfying the needs of customers, improving production standards day by day".


"High quality, organization, customer satisfaction, honesty, punctuality, protection of the environment, service, safety, confidence, productivity, competence".

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